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Caldera Bikepacking Route

Welcome to your one stop shop for all things Caldera! This route passes through the public lands we know today as the Eastern Sierra.
To the Nüümü (Paiute), Newe (Shoshone), Timbisha, and Washoe peoples who are and have been the original inhabitants and stewards of these lands since time immemorial, it is known as the Pamidu Toiyabe.


The Caldera Bikepacking Route is a series of loops in the Pamidu Toiyabe starting and ending in Mammoth Lakes. There are currently 5 versions of the route: a 500-mile "full" loop, two 250-300 mile "half" loops (the full loop cut in half), and two 150-200 mile "mini" loops (skinnier versions of the half loops). 

The area you'll be biking through is unique in its biodiversity, ecosystem variety, elevation, and more. You'll ride through five different mountain ranges (Sierra Nevada, White Mountains, Inyo Mountains, Sweetwater Mountains, and Glass Mountains), and three distinct biomes (Sierra Nevada, Great Basin, and Mojave Desert). It is truly a tapestry disparate realities, all in one unsupported (or supported, up to you) go.



Still interested in joining in on the fun/pain? Fill out this reg form and you're all set!

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