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Best View in LA

May 2014 - March 2015

One day, while bouldering in the Happy Boulders outside of Bishop, I stumbled across a sign like the one you see above.

It took me aback. "This is technically the City of Los Angeles? What the hell?" After some time to process it, I ended up surprised at my own initial surprise. Land ownership is needed to claim water rights. So of course LA would own the land. It made sense, but still angered me. Angered me that this could be. That a city over 200 miles south could lay claim to this water, this land, these views.That last part is what spurned this project.

I wanted to document what were (in my mind at least) abominations. So I thought I'd take a picture of these signs, reminders of an ugly past, in front of our beautiful Eastern Sierra landscape, reminders of a beautiful present.

So here they are, the Best Views in LA.

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