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49 days, x miles

January 25th - March 14th, 2017


Adventure is Dead.

The aim of this piece is to revive it.

There will be no use of the satellites that tell us (and Big Brother) where we are for directional assistance. Map & Compass will do.

There will be no sharing via the 21st century “social” channels. I’d rather share stories with the beings in my present.

Engage with the world that taps into your present senses. Taste the grit of sand, smell the musk of the local fauna and the scents of the flora, feel the breeze in your whiskers, hear the coyotes chatter, see the sky explode with the violence of the coming or leaving sun.

Wander. Aimlessly, freely, go without any pretense of where to end up.

Cede control to the powers that are not you, namely chance.


That's the talk. Here's the walk.

Everyday I will:

-Roll a dice at first light.

-If I roll a:  ____, then I will ________.

                   “1”                  “go North”

                   “2”                  “go South”

                 “3”                  “go East”

                   “4”                  “go West”

                  “5”                  “stay put”

                            “6”                  “roller’s choice”

-Ride my bike in the direction rolled for the duration of daylight.

-Take a picture every hour on the hour in all 4 cardinal directions.

-Stop at nightfall, and reflect on the day until slumber takes over.



I start January 25th In Joshua Tree, heading East. Let’s see where it all takes me.


Adventure is Dead.

Long live Adventure!

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