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Adventure is my performance. Process is valued over the end, parameters are set, and I aim to bring art and life together as one.


Outdoor human-powered movement most excites me, be it on my bike, on skis, simply afoot, or a combo thereof. 

Though I also delve into how we move through the fully constructed space and time of the indoors.

Moving in relation to space and time is my means of expression.


These kinds of endeavors are frequently called "adventures", and they often end up that way, I am a firm believer that the adventure starts when things stop going according to plan.

With that in mind, I see every outing as an adventure given the appropriate framing and mindset.


This is why I consider adventure my art, as I view the planning (or lack of planning) phase as integral to the adventure.

The planning stage is the genesis and foundation of the outing, when the parameters that govern my engagement with the experience are chosen.


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